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Power to the People

Let your guests control which songs they hear and in what order.


Goodbye awkward silences! Populrr can auto add recommended songs when your guests are slacking.


You get to decide when explicit songs, voting and adding new songs are allowed.

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House Parties

Let friends and family add and upvote songs to your Spotify player via Populrr.


Stop getting annoyed with song requests. Use Populrr as your song request list.

Event Planning

Crowdsource your playlist and song requests before the big day!

Party Features

Auto DJ

Song Voting

Song Recommendations

10 Person Limit

On/Off Explicit Songs

On/Off Partier Contributions

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Upgrade to Raver status ($5/day) for 60 person limit and no ads.
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No app downloads required.

  1. Setup your party at populrr.com/host.
  2. Start playing your playlist in the Spotify app.
  3. Send your guests to populrr.com/join with your party access code.

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