Easy to use, powerful under the hood.

Populrr does the dirty work so your guests can contribute and manage your party's Spotify playlist. Only the party host needs a Spotify free or premium account.

1. Connect Populrr to Spotify.

Populrr controls your party playlist, while Spotify is used to play the playlist. Connect an existing or new Spotify account by clicking Start Party.

2. Customize Party

Customize settings for your party including: party access code, playlist, voting, explicit settings, Auto DJ and more. Larger parties can also upgrade their capacity.

3. Populrr Live Optional

If you'd like your parties to know what song is currently playing, use Populrr Live alongside the Spotify player on Mac or Windows.

Download Populrr Live for Mac or Windows


Start playing your party playlist in the Spotify app. Send your guests to populrr.com/join with your party access code. Watch your Spotify player's playlist change as your partiers use Populrr to add and upvote songs!